Knobs, Continued…..

Here’s a nice little trim chuck for trimming the knobs I made the other day. It has a broad surface to support the knobs, and adhere to them while they are trimmed.

It will make a pleasing small vase after it does service as a chuck.
I threw it on a bat, but did not cut under it with a wire. It’s essential that chucks be perfectly centered so that you can make the most regular knob possible. I like for the clay to still be wet enough to still be slightly sticky when the chuck is used. That way, the object being trimmed stays put on the chuck, but it also means that it is really easy to ding up the top of the chuck. But if it is that soft, it can easily be touched up with a moist sponge after the trimming. Anyway, it’s just a chuck.
I like little trim tools for operating on knobs, lids, or other small pieces. There’s not much to cut away, and I feel like I have more control while trimming.

Here are my knobs, ready for some additional decoration. I’ll do that tonight, and then cast them in plaster tomorrow.
You can see that all of them have had their sides angled in slightly to make for easy casting. I don’t think that will detract from their finished appearance.

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